Sunday, April 30, 2006


Ok so this weekend I had a lot of shows. Friday Night I reffed for the first time. Fucking awesome time by the way. Mike, my boss came up after the show: "You were awesome. Congradulations, you are fucked and will be reffing more shows." I played the first show, and it was alright. I was sarcasm man the first half in the show, but I kept it going. Sometimes, the show is a blur and I won't even realize what I am doing until after the fact. Also, I keep saying things that are too dirty for the show. I honestly can't control it, but hey, we will work on it. But onto Saturday! I only played the first show, and almost reffed again. But, i switched with someone and got to play. Great show. We did a musical comedy about farming, where I was a neighbor and drank milk straight from a cow. It was me, Ken, and Lorelei, and basically whenever I am with Ken it's a great show. Anyways! After the first show we were off to Rhinelander, which is 3 hours north of Green Bay. The drive SUCKS BALLS at night, but we listened to Lewis Black and The Killers to pump us up. We arrived at 12:40 for our 1 am show. It was in a movie theatre for a post prom. But, the kids HAD to watch us so it was fun. The show itself was fun. There was no ref, we switched off. The game were great except for Chain Murder Death. It is where there is a location, an occupation, and a murder weapon. One person describes it in jibberish to the other. It is sort of like telephone, only with MURDER! Anyways, that was the only rough game where I felt like shooting myself from akwardness. Thank God i reffed that show. But, it was a great show and teh people in Rhinelander are nice. Also, the girls were pretty. Yes, I am a perv. Anyways, they gave us a hotel room. BTW, it was me, Ken, Matt W, and Justina. We all stayed up till 5:30 talking and watching TV. Yes the sun was up by then. Anyways, we slept till 10:30 and came back. Let's just say I am really tired. My next show is not until May 12th so it might be a while. Keep it crazy Songs: Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day Let Go - Frou Frou Contagious - Acceptance I Want To Save You - Something Corporate

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Show and night of the 14th

Well, it is my first real posting. Most of these shows are going to be improv, but I will let you know when they are stand up. Tonight's shows were nothing short of complete garbage. I'm kidding, but I am glad I did not perform in the 9:30 show and voiced. I was on a team with ahhhhhh but it's ok. Anyways, I got to be a mobster and switched accents and be on a soap opera, which is fun. Also, my team didn't know the difference between fingerprinting and fingerpainting. Good stuff Afterwards a bunch of us went Mike and Peggy's house(the owners of ComedyCity) and had a bonfire/trampoline/alcohol fest. Suprisingly, no one got hurt. I am tired and have to work. Perhaps more later? Stay tuned, keep it crazy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Post

Hey all! Just saying hi to everyone. This blog will have most of my shows and some of my thoughts. Who knows what it will entail? Probabaly a lot of songs. Songs of the week: Colin Hay - Overkill Matt Wertz - Counting to 100