Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Frustration

Writing is tough. I am currently working on 2 pieces for the One Act Scrap heap. Well,it was 2, then 1 because I realized one blew major donkey dick, now back up to 2 because I have another idea. I am a fantastic skit writer right now. I can take a joke, make it funny, and boom. What the One Act wants are short little plays in a sense. Characters learn, expand, etc. etc. So that is what I am working on. I am expanding on an idea and once I submit them, if they get in or not, they will be up here. The frustration lies in that no matter how I change something, it is never in a different voice. My advice was "don't sound like you". It had a lot to do with my female. The problem is, I know what a female sounds like. The dialogue I put in the play has actually come from the mouths of women. Yet, I am told it is not realistic. I also have had women read over my work, and agree with the dialogue. Still, it is not right. So I asked what I should do. My response "Well that isn't our job." Writing is frustrating. The pieces I am working on right now for Scrap Heap will be parts of the play I am working on as well. The plot is down to just the story of middle-20s characters throughout the span of a week. There are broken relationships, a planned wedding, a funeral, and new relationships. Sounds cliche, but trust me, it's not. It probably won't follow a normal format. There will be gags, like my Translation piece, which is a conversation a man or woman have, and their inner voices translate it to the audience. That is pretty much my opening scene. My other scrap heap is on a groom and best man talking while being fitted for their tux's. They go over the importance of the best man's speech. So, I have to turn these things into one acts. For Translation, I am 80% there, and have an idea how to make it whole. I got about a month so that is what I am concentrating on, with school and work. Ya. I will also soon have a satire piece about nursey rhymes up here soon as well. I won't be submitting it to One Act's because it would be darn near impossible to do onstage. Other than that life is normal. Semester almost done, interview for internship on Thursday for a radio station. CC Xmas party this Saturday, which will be fun. I wish I had someone to take though. I should work on that.... Well that is about it. Keep it crazy you loyal readers, aka Anderson.


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