Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Market

Hello all. Hope your Thanxgivin was great. Mine was saw. Saw the friends, 064, played a Turkey Bowll, and it was great. I was very sore, but I scored the last two touchdowns to put the game into overtime. Anyways, I also saw The Fountatin. Not the biggest fan. On to the title of the blog. I recently watched Dane Cook's Vicious Circle. 2 hours of Dane is always good. But here was the thing. The attendance. It was 18,000. 18,000 people showed up for Dane. Most of it was old material, they still came up, and paid a lot of money, to just see him. Mostly, because they knew they were going to laugh. Laughing. Personally, the greatest aspect of anyone's personality. 18,000 people. That is UWGB's students times four. I work at ComedyCIty in De Pere. We sometimes don't have more than 6 people at a show. 6. 6 to 18,000 You might say, well John, that is ridiculous. Dane is famous all over America and has spent years building up a fanbase, etc etc. Bull. There is no way we shouldn't have at least 50 people are each show. Milwaukee and De Pere are the only, ONLY places to see improv comedy in Wisconsin. And people just don't come. We promote. We have posters up a lot of places. We all promote at our businesses, give out coupons, send e-mails, etc, etc. If we had more money I am sure we could do more. The attendance baffles me. If I wasn't performing, I would see it at least once or twice a month, because comedy is something that will always interest people. I know that some people, a lot of students, are turned off because it isn't stand up or dirty. And it looks like we won't be having any midnight or dirty shows in the future, I've tried. I also think some people don't know it's all ages. I always get e-mails or MySpace or Facebook things about if it is ok to bring kids under 21. It is a family show. Our attendance is dropping. Seems like we have less remotes this month, December, usually one of our busiest months. We don't get paid to do ComedyCity. We all do it because enjoy doing comedy, believe in the club, and love what we do. None of us mind doing whatever we can for the club and still not get paid. A lot of people always tell me that sucks. Well, that is life. You do what you believe in. We don't ven get free soda or popcorn anymore. And that isn't our club's fault. That is audience's faults. There is no reason why people shouldn't be at our club. We live practically on a college campus. A RICH college campus. Most of these kids have the money. It is ridiculous that we shouldn't have crowds of 50 every show. It is cheap, fun, and a different show everytime. We are improv comedy, something better than the crap on TV like Whose Line or Wild'en Out. Some of my roommates have seen Nick Cannon more than me. And that my friends, is a crime against humanity. Hell, we even sell beer cheaper than bars. It's frustrtating, but there isn't a lot we can do more. If money grew on trees, we could spend more on promotions. I guess this was a rant about low attendance. Can't really blame anyone but the public, cause God knows we are trying to get people in those seats. 18,000 people, saw one man, do mostly old and material we have all memorized.We sometimes can't get more than 6 people, so see a brand new show, that has never been done before, that is never with the same cast. (Sigh). Let me know your thoughts. Not sure what else to say.


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