Monday, October 02, 2006

My Wedding Weekend

Hey all. I didn't know about posting a lot, but apparantely this is where Matt Anderson gets his news, so hooray! He will be back in February folks, a month early. Booyah! Anyways, this weekend was Butcher's wedding. On Thursday, we went to a jersey party. Good times, didn't technically have a jersey, but a t-shirt with a name and number on it. Good times though. Friday 064 came up for ComedyCity. The crowd consisted of my friends, and bout 6 randoms. It was a good time, Jason was an audience volunteer, and it was a really good show. Dan, Craig and Marc came up from Milwaukee to face Green Bay. They won both shows, those bastards. They had a hilarious Day in the Life about a girl breaking her back and leg from a horse. Good times. We played Town Meeting, and as usual, failed miserably. It is where we all go out into the crowd and have a debate. It doesn't work, it slows the show down, and I hate it. But the rest of the show was awesome, so go gadget good show! We also did Object Freeze, which I sucked balls at, but it was my first time so whatever, ya learn and learn and learn.. We went out and played Wheel of Fortune on N64 until 3 am. The wedding was great. Nice wedding, they did the vows a little weird and the priest wasn't the best, but it was still nice. We took a break, where we frantically looked for an ATM, wedding cards, and to find a gift. We did, it was good times. We had some Sparks and went to the dinner. Dinner was good, but I was alreayd buzzed when the food came. Something bad happened right at the end, but I don't really want to publish, it's bad taste. The thing about the wedding that Sucked though was the DJ. Sure, he was great with the kids, but he sucked in general. Me and Lee went up to him for example: Do you have Styx? No Journey? No Asia? No. Bon Jovi? No. REO? Perhaps. Excuse me?! Are you trying to tell me you have no popular dancing or singing songs of the 80's? Ya know what happened when they played Journey and Asia at Mojos on Friday night? The place went friggin nuts. It was ridiculous. But hey, I guess it was alright. After all, he did have Cotton Eyed Joe. Douche. Butcher promised me they would have Asia, so I was very sad. A little too much country I think. School blows, let me tell ya. I honestly don't have time for anything. I will probably be missing the Packer game for class, then tomorrow I planned on renting a movie so I can actually produce a good review for the paper, and i have to instead be a dealer at Casino night for Channel 20. But everyone is busy, that is life. I guess the thing I learned is that don't not expect surprises. I had a conversation at the wedding that threw me for a loop that I am still not over. Surprises never stop, and I guess we are foolish we think they will. (sappy music plays).


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