Sunday, September 24, 2006

My First Funeral

Yes, I copied Scrubs titles. I don't care. My friends dad died of a heart attack last Sunday. I got the call from a friend Monday during work. I had to call some other people and let them know. It sucks. I went home to Milwaukee, where Da Lost Boyz gathered again, but under really crappy circumstances. The service/wake thing was numbing. I have never felt so numb in my entire life. I really didn't know the guy, only met him a few times, and I still almost cried at numerous times. This man was amazing. He cooked every meal, he did all the chores, always for other people. Always made everyone else feel good. It was inspiring to hear stories about the man, because he was amazing. It sucks, because the good ones always go way too fast, and it is relaly frustrating. It seems like I almost felt like crap. Why aren't I like him? He made everyone in his life happier. His brother, said he yelled at him once. Once! Are you kidding? Inspiring. I had a longer, very deep meaning about how I have become more of a jerk than the nice guy I used to be, due to confidence and yada yada, I won't. They are my thoughts, who wants to read that? No one. The thing that hit me the most, was that this is the first. Me and my friends are at the age where each other's parents might start passing away, and it sucks. I don't, don't want to go to anymore of these, ever again. But, I know I will have to. Even though the friend couldn't say anything, I know they realized we were all there for her, and whether it takes weeks or months, she will be thankful. It made us feel good, because we know that person would be there for us too. It was the only positive thing that came out of it. Well, that is all for now. I guess it sucked because it was the most numbing thing ever, but it was also very inspiring. So, I am watching Scrubs and getting through. I think I am gonna start this blog back up for thoughts, because I am funny and very awesome. Peace.


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