Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Hickish State

I was going to write an article for my newspaper about the recent elections, but I decided a blogpost instead. I love Wisconsin. I have lived here all my life, and I have traveled to other states and cities, and they are lovely. But, Wisconsin is my home. I would love to move to Chicago or NY and become a comedian/writer, but if I found the right job, and right girl, I would stay here. Well as long as she wanted to live here too. But this election mad me so angry, I had to say something. My state is full of hicks. Wisconsin recently had two super important things on the ballad. The gay marriage ban, and the death penalty. I will just go and say I said Yes on the death penalty. But ONLY, ONLY because it was for intentional, frst degree murder. It was the circumstances and I just felt like it. I might have made the wrong call. BUT, what sucked is that the Marriage Ban was passed. over 59% of people voted Yes to ban it. What the frick. Honestly, I don't think people understood what this meant. It just meant gay marriage and civil marraiges Wouldn't be banned, it wouldn't allow gays to marry. It would only give the option open. But now it is closed, making us as hickish as Alabama. We probably would have voted for slavery if we had the choice too. What was this going to hurt? No one. It would just simply going to leave the option open. I still can't honestly believe people did this. I am baffled. What the hell is wrong with people? We are so full of homophobs and hicks it is ridiculous. Well, I guess a moral Wisconsin voted Yes. Yes for being prejudice and being a redneck. Yes to no progression and step backwards. Because you are right, the country hasnt adapted to other changes, like air conditioning or glasses. Ridiculous. I don't get it. This wouldn't have done anything to hurt our state, only help it. But now, we have taken a step backwards, and it sucks. By the way Wisconsin, this ban also reduced offense on domestic abuse. So keep on hitting Wisconsin! Yeeeee haw! Time to go beat my wife and hang me some queers! WOOOOOO!!! Man. Frustrating. I thought people were more open-minded in this world. They really aren't. I love my state, just maybe not some of it's people. I guess 59% of it's people.


Blogger MMM VR4 said...

I find it no more ironic than that the majority of the state not only voted for two major conservative referendums yet were moronic enough to keep a liberal governor.

I think you got your panties in a bunch for no reason bud :)

10:59 AM  

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