Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Recollection

Yo. So this weekend was full of shows. I refed the 7:30 show on Friday, and it was a good time. There were little kids in the audience and it had potential to be a complete meltdown, but it wasn't. That was the 9:30 show. The 9:30 show started fine. But, me, Jon, and Tony got stage directions. It was fine, but the play we read from was an alien one. Ken couldn't find anything, but he said the Alien Enters. Ok, rewind. The scene before was Movie Experts, and Garth got CAT for an acronymn. So it was built up, but Garth blew the whistle before it. So Ken read it, and Tessie wrote Chaulking a Tub. So for our suggestion for SD, it was chaulk. You can imagine what it sounds like, so it was a 4 minute dick joke. I, of course, took it over the line. "We are from Neptune. Pluto has cockblocked us from chaulk and so on." So then there was Replay. It was fine, but full of weird laughing and a little boy. So after the scene, Ken yelled What the hell was that! hilarious. It was a downward spiral from there. But, the audience loved it apparently, we got a remote out of it. The funniest part was during SPelling Bee Mike put down the screen because it was going so bad. Classic! Saturday was much better. Great cast, good times, loved it. We went to Nikki's afterwards, a bar, and it's fun. I liked it, went downtown for a while. Went to HIpCats. I am past the point of hating that place and loving all the creepy people. Why can't the 56 take back the creepos! Damn drinking laws. I also realized I need a queen size bed. The past two weekends I have shared a bed with friends, yes they were girls, and I have been uncomfortable. It's much different when you are with someone, but the no contact sleeping sucks. Especially since everyone, I mean everyone, is a cover hog. I am laying here freezing while they are comfortable. Also, how come every girl likes the right side of the bed? Seriously, I have shared a bed with one, yes one girl who liked the left side. I like the right side! But it is ladies first. I am just saying observe, you girls might even catch yourself! I am just saying, watch... Today I went to Ken's to watch the Packer game. Don't get me started, they just suck. I have decided that going to the library on Sundays is my new routine, I get the most accomplished. Also, I need to start dating! It doesnt bother me that I am not, I am fine. I just need to see he new movies because no one else will go. I wanna see the new Jackass, Texas Chainsaw, Saw 3, The Departed. It would all be possible with at least a date. I must work on this.... Also! I watched United 93 tonight. You need to see this if you havent. Emotional, great, fantastic. The directing is perfect. I got emotional, not gonna lie. That's all. Ok done.


Blogger Matt Worzala said...

I'd go see Jackass 2 with you.
In exchange you have to promise to STOP trying to touch my junk. That stuff isn't cool.

8:08 AM  
Blogger lauren said...

for the record, i like the left side. on two beds out of three. maybe it has to do with handed-ness. think about it.

ps i saw the departed a couple nights ago... jealous?


10:38 AM  

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