Monday, November 20, 2006

My Delay

Sorry everybody, I have not written in a while. I looked and realized a couple of people actually read this, so why not continue. Thanxgivin is coming up. I couldn't be happier. One because there is no school, another because I get to see the old gang again. None of my uncles will be at my Thanxgivin. While I love all my aunts, my uncle Rick is always there to challenge me in who can drink the most and to push my buttons. I love it. Now looking back on my outburst, I was in quite a mood after that election result. Needless to say, nothing has changed. The world did not stop. It was just a night. I think I was just frustrated in general. Last weekend was nice. I didn't do any shows because it was Ladies Weekend. It was widows weekend so the crowd was mostly women. Drunk, middle-aged women who wouldn't show up. It was a little frustrating. Anyways, a while back I actually did a show with some quotes. Backstory, or BS as I call it. Whoever voices the show writes quotes. I actually had three in the show, including in Mime Debate I told Steve I would tie his children into knots. It has not made the big screen yet, which sucks. About the big screen, all my ideas get rejected. There is a thing called Seperated at Birth, where we get celebrities who look like people at the club. I suggested I looked like the bad guy from Chicken Run months ago. Still nothing. Dammit. I know, I sound like I am pull of myself. It's just nice to know you are an impact on something once in a while. The dating scene for me is so confusing. One day I will think the person I am going after likes me, the other she isn't. I don't want to go into details, but let's just say girls confuse me. I think I got stuck doing the nice guy approach and now she isn't interested. Well if it's meant to be, it'll happen. I have been doing a lot of fiction writing lately. I am writing 2-3 for the ScrapHeap, submitted stuff to Sheepshead, and writing other stuff. I have also came up with a concept of a play. It will be a dramedy of some sorts, about relationships. My first scene will be one of the pieces I am working on for scrapheap, then other scenes weaving characters in and out. It will basically be autobiographical, because all the dialogue basically will be coming from experiences or conversations. By the way, my life, entertainment! No idea what to call the title. Any ideas? I wish I had better relationships with some of the guys at the club. I am still at that point where you call them, after knowning them over a year, and they still go: WHo is this? It sucks. But hey, something to work on. I have no idea what I am doing after graduation. If I get a good job here, I will stay. I love ComedyCity, and even if I move to Milwaukee, my other location I am looking it, I will still come up once a month to perform. I will just have to crash places. Worzala has couches. I'm good. But other than that, no idea where I am going. Anderson comes back soon. We started talking about opening up a bar in De Pere by ComedyCity. Employee some performers as bartenders, own a bar and do ComedyCity. Sounds like a fine life to me. Anyways, that is all. I shall have more soon. Thanxgivin weekend will be reported! Keep it crazy.


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