Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Lost Re-Animation

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD I love Lost PS, ABC 9pm central time. Anyways The third season started off with a bang off course, but it quickly became disappointing. After Mr. Eko died and a couple of downer episodes, I was starting to lose interest. Most people would have stopped watching it, but I watch it with the ComedyCity people every week, and it's a nice tradition and a way to relax. Anyways, the past three weeks were frickin amazing! Let me go through last night's. Feel free to comment, I would love them. So last night, we saw the story of Nikki and Pilo. Paolo? Who knows. The Lost website wasn't working. Anyways, so we get their backstory. They were the couple that just randomly went to the Pearl with Locke Desmond and Sayid. Everyone went: Who the hell are those people? I don't care! The writers went: Oh, just wait my friends. So it turns out they are conmen, or conpeople I guess? Anyways, they have 8 million dollars worth of diamonds. When the plane crashed, Nikki only cared about the diamonds. So, Paolo hid them when he found them. While seeing their flashback, it turns out they found the yellow plane before anyone else. You know, the plane Boone died in and Eko's brother was in. They found The Pearl, the second hatch that took three seasons to find, they found in a couple of days. Paolo hid the diamonds in the bathroom in the Pearl, also finding both Ben and Judith talking about taking Jack, Sawyer and Kate. So Paolo knew that Ben was an other the whole time, and Ana Lucia and Libby never needed to die and they would have caught Michael. AAAAAA frustrating. But also, it was Jack and Locke's fault as well for not telling everyone about Ben in the hatch. Damn. So, Nikki finds out Paolo is lying, and wants the diamond. Sorry, rewind. Flashback: Arnst! Booyah! Anyways, he talks to Nikki about the Madusa spider. It's poison paralyzes you for 8 hours, and attracts other spiders as well. So, Nikki brings him in the woods and throws the spider on Paolo. He becomes paralyzed, and of course, the other spiders come and bite Nikki as well. Nikki runs to Sawyer and Hurley and collapses, saying: Paralyzed. Hurley thought she said: Paolo lies. So, they assume they are dead until the end when we figure out they are alive. They are in their graves, and Sawyer and Hurley start burying them. Right when Sawyer throws some dirt over Nikki's face, her eyes open. THEY BURIED THEM ALIVE! WHAT! HOLY BALLS! Yes, they buried them alive to a horrible death. But, they sorta were horrible people. In a recent interview, the writers said that Nikki and Paolo were important and realize no one likes them, but we will feel bad for them by the end. OK, so I sorta feel bad. But wow! Buried alive? Who the hell saw that coming? So I get home jacked out of my mind. Erection and all. My roommate also watches the show religiously. "It was gay" "What? How?" "They answer too many questions and don't start any new ones." "What? They get buried alive! He knew about the plane. The Pearl, and about the Others. He told no one." "Stupid." Don't worry, he sucks at TV. This is the guy who hates The Black Donnelly's but is obsessed with "Beauty and the Geek." Still, dumb people are frustrating. Watch Donnelly's by the way. Irish! Wow Lost. Tip of the hat. Tip of the hat. Keep it Crazy.


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