Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My 2nd Post

Now I did say that I would be posting later on this week, but I had to post something else. I post on Blogspot and MySpace. It was encouraged by friends so I did it. Anyways, after posting my latest blog about Minnesota, I decided to take a look at who subscribes to my blog. I thought it was still just Anderson. I also saw that Worzala and Mike have also subscribed. I was quite honored and thankful. But I saw the last name that confused me. Zach. Now, not knowning any Zach's myself, I decided to click on it. It was Zach Braff. Yes, The Zach Braff. Star of NBC's Scrubs and my favorite movie of all time Garden State. I told my roommates. They said it was an imposter. No, it was Zach's real site, where he blogs himself and puts up updates on great artists like Joshua Radin and such. I am speechless. It means that Zach had to log into MySpace, look at blogs, go onto my profile, and click "subscribe to blog." Now I don't know if he looks or reads it, but I am honored by that. A man who I have taken so much from comedically and made the only movie that changed my life once I left the theatre has viewed my MySpace page, and that makes me happy. Do I hope one day he reponds to a blog or says hi on the space? Of course. It would be the greatest thing in the world. If he doesn't, that is fine. I know that when he looks at email it says New Blog from John Egan. Tonight, I am happy. Thank you Mike, Matt, and thank you Zach. This comedian is happy.


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