Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Packer Backer

Celebrating my friends Quarter Century turn, that is 25 years old for those counting at home, we went to the bar where he works. The bar has half price drinks on Mondays, so I decided it would be cheap. It was, and I was actually starstruck for a bit. Green Bay Packers stars Nick Barnett and Noah Herron were at the bar. Now this is fine. I am not used to Packers being at bars in Green Bay, especially the ones I go to. The things that were funny to me were this: Barnett makes millions. Literally millions. Why is he at half price night? Can he not afford full price night? Just funny to me. I love that he was there though, it was cool seeing him in person. Second, he has his own bar. Well, sorta used to. Nick had the Five Six Ultra Lounge. His club has gotten picked on by police in the GB and basically is being shut down for it. I claim a little bit of racism on the GB cops, but that's a subject for another day. Basically, there were a lot of fights and violence around the outside of the club. I just thought it was funny a millionaire with his own bar came to a college bar for half price drinks. Loved it. More to come about my Hooters experience in Pensacola.


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