Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Sign of Apocalypse

Hello all. IT has been a while. I have thought about many posts before this one, but this needed to be said. America, what the F is wrong with you? I am talking about the box office in the month of January 2007. First of all, "Stomp the Yard." According to, this is the plot: DJ, a troubled youth from Los Angeles attending the historically black Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. When adapting to his new environment proves difficult, DJ finds solace in joining a struggling fraternity where he begins implementing his street-style dance moves in an attempt to help the step team win the coveted National Step Show Championship. Cmon! It's like You Got Served mixed with Rollerball mixed with Finding Forrester. All crappy movies. Stomp the Yard was the number 1 movie in America, for two weeks in a row. TWO! WE have to stop letting teenagers who watch MTV go to the theatres, because they are ruining cinema. At a time were there are Oscar movies out, including Pan's Labyrinth, people decide to see this piece of crap instead. Lord help us... Then there was this week. Movies like Smokin Aces, Freedom Writers, and Catch and Release came out. You would think that one of those movies would come out. The action fans, the drama fans, or the women. By the way, Smokin Aces is good. Ryan Reynolds and Jeremy Piven are outstanding. Reynolds/Piven in '08. Anyways. None of those movies were the winner. The winner: Epic Movie. Yes! Epic Fn Movie. From the creators of Scary Movie, and two of the six writers of Date Movie, made this movie. The plot: It's Scary Movie or Date Movie, but with Epic movies instead. Like Supermand, Pirates, Narnia, etc etc, and even Borat for some reason. Why is Borat an epic movie? Idiots.. Has anyone seen Date Movie? It's not funny, at all. Me and my friends watched it, because that TOO was #1 at the box office. We laughed, maybe, maybe, 3 times. It sucked donkey nuts. Apocalypse people. It is coming. Why would people see this? And over those other movies too? What the heck?! I mean seriously, why would anyone want to see it. Are teenagers THAT bored and have nothing else to see? It is just sad. Help us lord. Please... And comment on this, because I am a lose for words. I can't believe this has happened. Stomp the Yard has made 50 million, and Pans has made 14. AHHHHHHHH Ok I'm done. Keep it crazy.


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