Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First Thought

I figured that this is a good time for my first thought. After all, it is shows AND thoughts. So here we go. So school is done. Awesome times. Doesn't help when it was a crappy week outside of school. Now don't worry, I am not here to bitch or complain about my life, but let's just say that after the week and watching a lot of Scrubs, I came to this. The little things will always bother us. It doesn't matter whether you have the best friends, great hobbies, people who support you, the whole deal. It will never stop the little things from ruinin the day. And it happens with everyone, you could be the strongest damn person out there, whoever says they don't are lying. These little things are a weight, and it's our job to get them out of the way. We distract ourselves so that they dont come over us like a dark cloud, and hopefully we can find that moment of two so we forget about all that shit.The most we can do is realize that it will become better, sooner, later, today, tomorrow, yesterday, who the fuck knows. We know we will look back and go: did i really give a fuck? I'm crazy. Well, there it is. Not negative, not whiny, but educational. I like the phrase, my misery is your freedom, i think I will copyright it. Keep it crazy.