Friday, February 09, 2007

My Frustration, Part Deux

Hello all. I don't know if I mentioned this earlier the piece I talked about a long time ago in my blog, "Translation," made it into the One Act Festival at Venture Theatre. I was really excited. I watched it at the dress rehearsal this past Wed, and I loved it. Pat, the director, did a fantastic job with it. It got some good laughs. And then the show ended. Of course I got some "Good jobs" and "It was funny" things, but that has been the most positive thing yet. We all hung out at Ken's as usual to watch Lost. Everyone talked about their favorite piece and I just listened quietly. Mostly every piece was mentioned by someone it was one of their favorites, except mine. It was no big deal, because I realized I was a first time writer for this and it could take a couple of times. WE have one theatre reviewer in the GB area. On Thursday, the person mentioned the artile in the paper. Here is a link: So, I was pumped because my name was in the paper. It had never really been there before, so it was exciting, I will probably frame or something stupid like that. Then, the review came out today. Link: If you compare the two reviews, you will notice something. My play is not mentioned. Not the original concept or the modernistic dialogue, fucking nothing. Oh, I'm sorry, they say: "Some have dramatic touches," which deals with mine. Every other piece is mentioned by name except mine and "Destiny." Hmmm Ironically, I think those are the two pieces by new writers. This is frustrating. You can't write one more sentence about something? Already, whoever reads it is going to think my piece is forgetful. I guess it is, but personally I put a lot of work into it, to make it something almost not mine to please everyone else. If I wanted to make it how I wanted, it probably wouldn't have gotten in. I mean this won't stop me from writing. I just understand the hatred of this man that most people do. He disrespected me, and now whoever reads the paper can't even see what the play is about. I guess mine is too modern or edgy for the awful writer. No, really, the person is bad. "Space doesn't allow comment on all the plays" Bull. I have written for a newspaper for 4 years on GB, I know how it works. Two more sentences wouldn't have done anything. It is an excuse. I don't mind bad attention. No attention is what kills me. Right now, it has completely taken my proudness of my piece away. I guess I wait for comments. Ok, well Anderson will comment. Don't understand why my piece is so damn forgetful. Keep it crazy.